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Word jij onze nieuwe intern?

YFU Flanders offers one internship in the bustling heart of Europe. Our office is located in the historical town of Mechelen, in the Flemish (Dutch) speaking part of Belgium.

YFU Flanders organizes Cultural Games (in Flemish: “Cultuurspelen”) in local communities in the entire Flanders region to promote intercultural awareness among children and the youth in general. Our Cultural Games are based on our experience with intercultural communication, and are suitable for all children from the age of 6 to 12.

What we would like YOU to do:

-Communication with daycare and youth organisations to organize the details with the contact person (date, location, size and age of participant group, preferred game) and book the Cultural Games sessions
- Recruit and assign jobstudents to lead the Cultural Games
- Prepare the required sets of Cultural Games materials for the jobstudents to pick up at the office and use in the Cultural Games sessions with the children

- Occasionally, take part in the games and/or lead the games. Normally, this is the task of the jobstudents

- Keep track of the filled­in evaluation and registration forms which are returned by the jobstudents
- Help to create new games or improve existing games
(Note: whenever needed, you will have other interns and YFU colleagues to help you!)

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